Asbool services has been in Logistics field since 1991. To enhance our services,we have developed our own creative system throughout the years. We do not only move your goods, but we also manage the entire logistic process starting from producing goods until they are being transported, picked, packed, emptied and possibly returned.



Asbool is specialized in providing cargo solutions to its clients in Bahrain and the Gulf Arab States. The company services vary. We load, unload and clear freights at borders.

Asbool runs a fleet of more than 100 tankers. The company is proud that it has moved more than 56,210 loads around the GCC for Bapco and its clients over a span of 22 years. We transport up to 25 loads per day.

In last years, Asbool has expanded its services to move other goods for several companies throughout Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

A Recored of Pride


In 2012, Asbool was contracted by Aramco to provide an extensive job of transporting 60% to 70% of bitumen from Bapco to its headquarters in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Over a short period of 40 days, Asbool transported 880 loads. A record that reflects the efficiency of the company.


Utilizing the great experience gained by Asbool management and staff who has gone through the borders within the GCC several times. The company launched a new service in 1991 for its clients that facilitates clearance of their shipments .

The company was able to establish connections outside Bahrain and has expanded its business internationally ever since.